Another Biden Avoided Jail Time after a “Walk-Free” Plea

Another Biden avoided jail time as Joe Biden’s niece, Caroline Biden, negotiated a plea deal with Montgomery County district attorney.

Caroline Biden pleaded guilty to Driving under the influence last December 3, and according to Pennsylvania court records, Joe Biden’s niece was sentenced to 20 days to six months of “confinement.”

However, her supposedly jail time was avoided when the small print shows that Caroline Biden won’t be seeing a day behind the bars when she negotiated a plea with the Montgomery County district attorney. So, instead of jail, she received five months of probation. Her 20 days of rehab in January was counted toward her sentence.

Kate Delano, a District Attorney spokeswoman, told The New York Post, “She will be on probation … Should she then violate or break the law at any time, then she will be on the hook for the rest of the sentence.”

Caroline Biden, 33, continued the Biden family tradition of avoiding jail time. An investigation last July has found at least eight other cases of Caroline Biden which resulted in wrist slaps.

In August 2019, Caroline Biden, 33, daughter of James Biden, was busted in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania, after crashing her car into a tree. Jeffrey Seamans, the arresting officer on the scene, noted that Biden was driving without a license and “had difficulty focusing on the conversation” as Seamans questioned her.

According to the report, there were also pill bottles for lorazepam and carisoprodol seen in her car. Both of these are controlled substances, and a blood test, later on, confirmed that said drugs together with other drugs were in her system at the moment of the crash.

As Caroline’s uncle, Joe Biden, campaigned for the presidency, her DUI case took more than a year in the Pennsylvania courts. Her arraignment was then conducted on November 4, a day after the 2020 election.

When the court was asked about the date, they insisted that the arraignment hearing date is auto-generated and that its post-election timing is merely coincidental.

Meanwhile, to support Pennsylvania courts’ of giving Caroline Biden probation instead of jail time, Mike Gottlieb, an attorney with experience in DUI cases said that the ruling was reasonable for first offenders. Gottlieb told The New York Post, “It is not an unusual sentence to get credit for the time in the rehab. So truthfully, I don’t think she was treated any differently than any of my clients would have been,”

Although Caroline Biden’s DUI might have been her first offense in Pennsylvania, her records in the New York rap sheet revealed other offenses. Among them were dropping more than $110,000 on a stolen credit card and assaulting an NYPD officer.

Other than being given probation, Caroline Biden was also ordered to pay $1,990 in fines and legal costs. She was also asked to “participate in a public or nonprofit community service program for 12 hours.” In addition to this, her license was also suspended for 1 year, and according to Delano, she will be forced to participate in a drug control and awareness program.

John McMahon, Caroline Biden’s attorney, did not respond to requests for comment.

On the other hand, Caroline’s father, James Biden, was also under federal investigation due to his suspected involvement in the Pennsylvania hospital chain called Americore. Last January, the FBI raided one of its hospitals in Ellwood City, Pa. Other than Caroline and James, Hunter Biden was also under investigation due to a possible violation of anti-money laundering law and a case related to his taxes.