Ann Coulter Believes Trump’s Career in Politics is Over

Within the past few months, there’s been growing debate about the level of influence former President Trump really has in the GOP.

Many Republicans believe Trump is stronger than ever and continues to be a dominant force. GOP members with this outlook often support Trump running for reelection again in 2024.

However, there are others within the Republican base who believe Trump is losing steam. Some claim that he’s become too divisive or polarizing.

Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro for instance, argued that support for Trump is ultimately hurting the GOP’s chances of beating Democrats in the midterms.

Republicans who are now cooling on Trump are a bit less likely to support him running for office again. This likely explains the rise of conservative support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to make a 2024 presidential run.

Now, conservative commentator Ann Coulter has come out swinging against Trump, as documented by Washington Examiner.

Reviewing Coulter’s Latest Claims About Trump

On her “Unsafe” podcast, Coulter claims the former president’s career in the political world has come to a close.

According to the conservative commentator, no one on the right needs to “suck up” to Trump anymore because it’s all over. Coulter mentioned former Sen. David Perdue’s unsuccessful attempt to primary Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp this year.

Perdue was strongly backed by Trump; yet, Kemp still managed to defeat him. According to Coulter, this was humiliating for the Georiga Republican who now wishes he didn’t listen to the former president.

Coulter then mentioned the victory of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin as proof that Republicans can run elections without being solely seeped into Trump.

The conservative commentator likewise made a point of stating that polls indicate some people who would ordinarily be Republicans are becoming Independents because Trump alienates them.

Finally, Coulter claimed Trump’s clout within the GOP is overblown by conservative media. As for Americans who are still going to the former president’s rallies, Coulter called them “deadheads” who are just listening to him repeat the same messages.

The Greatest Determining Factor

At the end of the day, time will reveal whether or not Coulter or pro-Trump Republicans are correct in their various perceptions of Trump’s influence in the GOP.

The midterm elections are also likely to be a huge factor in how things ultimately pan out for the Republican Party.

Already, some conservatives, like the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, have suggested Trump should get behind DeSantis for 2024, rather than trying to launch a third presidential campaign.

What do you make of Ann Coulter’s latest remarks about former President Trump? Do you believe his influence in the GOP and his political career is over? Please let us know where you stand in the comments area down below.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.