Angry Protesters Destroyed AOC at a Town Hall Event

Progressive congresswoman AOC danced in response to the chants of the hecklers who crashed her town hall event on Thursday.

The town hall meeting was happening in the hometown of AOC in Queens, where the liberal congresswoman enjoys extraordinary support from voters.

AOC Faces Voter Backlash in a Town Hall Event 

While some protesters yelled at AOC, others raised placards with written slogans against the liberal congresswoman. AOC is contesting against Republican candidate Tina Forte, who is a local business owner in New York City.

Although AOC is expected to clinch the House seat in the deep blue city, protesters chanted the progressive congresswoman has to go, while urging New Yorkers to vote for Forte in the next month’s elections.

One protester pretended to be handcuffed, mocking AOC for her abortion protests earlier this year. This is when the liberal congresswoman pretended she was handcuffed when she was arrested outside the Supreme Court.

After some time, the lights of the auditorium went off; so the security team of AOC escorted her to a nearby room. When the lights turned on again, AOC came back into the hall, claiming she was not allowed to stay in a room when the lights were off.

As AOC got fed up with the protesters, she ended up trying to engage with them. The radical left congresswoman asked the protesters to tell her why they were angry with her.

AOC also sarcastically thanked the protesters who chanted against her at the town hall event. Since protesters were not stopping, AOC’s supporters also started to chant in favor of the controversial Democratic congresswoman.

One campaign staff member of AOC repeatedly asked the protesters to let AOC speak, so she could explain her positions on controversial issues like police defunding.

Media Slammed AOC for Being Ignorant of Voters’ Needs

Meanwhile, media outlets and netizens slammed AOC for treating the protesters like an elitist candidate, despite being a progressive politician.

Daily Mail claimed AOC was sitting on stage and dancing when the voters of her own constituency were complaining against her, which suggests she is no different from her predecessor.

One person, Brent Smith, asserted AOC was laughing and dancing before her own voters, who gave her an opportunity to become a congresswoman. Even though AOC failed to bring legislation forward for her voters, she is still mocking them.

In addition to that, Tiffany Justice, the founder of a parents’ rights group, mentioned any good leader is disturbed when their constituents are not happy, but this is not the case with AOC.

This is the second time AOC faced hecklers in a town hall event in recent days.

Just last week, a group of hecklers confronted the progressive congresswoman, asking her why she voted to send Ukraine military aid in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.