Ana Walshe’s Disappearance- Detectives Finds New Evidence in Garbage

Detectives rummaging through garbage at a Peabody, Massachusetts transfer facility uncovered evidence they suspect is related to the vanishing of Ana Walshe. She’s a mother of three who disappeared last week under unusual circumstances.

On Tuesday, law enforcement officials told CNN that the items discovered were a hacksaw, shredded clothing, and what seem to be bloodstains.

Her Husband

Brian Walshe, the partner of the missing woman, is being jailed on suspicion of deceiving a police inquiry. Walshe, who is currently awaiting punishment for a prior federal fraud conviction, has entered a not-guilty plea.

About the investigation at the Peabody transfer station — one of several places being inspected – the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Department stated collected material would be forwarded for testing.

Michael Morrissey, district attorney for Norfolk, stated a “number of goods” were seized during inspections north of Boston on Monday and are still being examined and tested. His statement described the disappearance of Ana Walshe as “suspicious.”

According to law enforcement officials cited by CNN, detectives seek blood samples from Ana Walshe’s boys, so they’ll have a “direct genetic” sample to match with blood traces discovered in the couple’s basement.

These data might provide investigators with an almost definite match between blood, a bloodstained knife, and visible bloodstains at the trash processing facility. Tuesday afternoon, Brian Walshe’s lawyer declined to speak to Reporters.

Police in the little seaside community of Cohasset are probing the disappearance of Ana Walshe. Blood and a bloodstained knife were discovered in the couple’s apartment, according to prosecutors.

According to CNN’s sources, her husband’s internet history revealed search queries for how to disembowel a body.

Ana Walshe, 39, was declared missing on January 4 by her colleagues, prompting police to interview her husband, 47, about his whereabouts immediately. The police said in an affidavit that several of his comments were “untruthful.”

Search History

As per two police officials briefed on the inquiry, investigators discovered new info that shifted their perspective from a missing person pursuit to the possibility that Ana Walshe was murdered.

This includes her husband’s internet entries showing lookups about disembowelment and “how to try to get rid of a 115-pound woman’s body.”

As per a source with intimate knowledge of the inquiry, on Monday night, detectives were digging through the garbage at the Peabody transfer station for the possible remains of the missing mother.

The garbage was delivered to the station early last week, around an hour’s drive north of where the couple lives in Cohasset, according to a source.

The source told CNN that crime scene tape was placed around trash in an apartment building nearby Brian Walshe’s mother’s house in Swampscott, some 15 miles north of Boston.

Per the affidavit, Brian Walshe informed police he visited his mother on January 1, the very same day he said he had last seen his wife.

Detectives started a massive search for Ana Walshe late last week, using local and state police agencies, K-9 units, patrol divers, and the statewide police’s air units to comb the forested area surrounding the family’s house, according to authorities.

The foot search was suspended after two days, according to officials, but will restart if new information becomes available.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.