Americans Are “Unable to Be Happy,” According to Biden

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In a recent interview with Scott Pelley from CBS, Biden showed the entire country his medical expertise by claiming his approval rating means people physically being unable to be happy.

The interview in question is the first one-on-one the president has had in the past seven months.

Instead of touching on more pressing matters, Biden instead declared that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, even though we’re likely headed for another wave of infections this fall.

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Apparently, Biden isn’t to blame for his terrible approval rating

When asked about his approval rating, which is currently sitting at well below 50%, Biden added the US is at a turning point in history and 10 years from now, all of his decisions will make sense to the American people.

Apparently, the two-year-long pandemic is to blame for everything we’re currently experiencing. Biden’s dwindling support from Democrats and left-leaning voters is caused solely by that.

It seems the president has forgotten the series of missteps the administration made ever since he was signed into office, starting with the botched Afghanistan pullout, all the way to the high-inflation climate and recession caused by Biden’s claims that inflation is “transitory”.

Worst of all, President Biden feels all of this is irrelevant and our attitude has nothing to do with these things; rather, he thinks the pandemic had such a great impact on our psyche, that we simply aren’t able to be happy anymore.

Time to redefine “inflation” and “immigrant crisis” to fix these issues

Hilariously enough, the one coherent sentence Biden managed to mutter was, “This is a really difficult time,” which is something we’re all well aware of, except for him obviously, as he’s clearly viewing the world through a rose-colored lens.

Inflation hit 40-year highs several times. Gas prices have gone up to the point where commuting to work alone is going to set lower-income families back by thousands of dollars.

Some of these people already working a 9-5 may even be forced to get a second job just to keep the lights on back home; though Biden’s only concern is his sad approval rating, knowing full well he’s in for impeachment if this keeps up.

Despite what the administration promised, wages are still down and haven’t managed to keep up with the growing inflation.

Even the “Inflation Reduction Act” isn’t going to do much in terms of fixing this, as analysts found it will actually continue to increase inflation for the next three to four years.

Additionally, the Russian invasion of Ukraine hasn’t ceased for over half a year now, even though Biden had more than enough resources to stop the war in the first couple of months, inadvertently causing a major recession and energy crisis in Europe.

If that wasn’t enough, Biden’s open border policies have let anywhere between three and five million illegal aliens into the country, causing a crisis in border states.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.