Americans Now Saying Biden is Worse Than Expected

With exactly one year before the midterm elections, the Democrats in Congress, President Biden, and Vice President Harris are facing a huge drop in ratings, indicating little faith in the Democrat Party ahead of 2022. 

Americans are not pleased; the approval rating of Biden and Harris is near rock bottom

According to a recent survey taken after the elections on Tuesday (but before the passage of the infrastructure bill in the House), the approval ratings of Biden are at rock bottom, with Harris at an even worse position. 

According to Suffolk University, among the highest numbers are 59% disapproval for Biden and only 37.8% approval. In addition to this, 46% of the correspondents in the survey stated Biden is doing worse than they expected.

Meanwhile, 64% are saying they do not want Biden to run for re-election. The approval ratings of Biden are almost on par with the numbers former President Trump had at this point in his term.

However, FiveThirtyEight stated the disapproval rating of Trump did not reach this height until days before he left the White House. 

On the other hand, Vice President Harris has a far worse approval rating, with only 27.8% approval and 51.2% saying they disapprove of her performance. 

Meanwhile, congressional Democrats might face a hard battle to keep a hold of their razor-thin margins, unless something significant happens before November 8, 2022. The poll likewise gave Republicans a good advantage, ranging from 38% to 46% on the congressional ballot. 

Democrats have to pump the brakes, particularly on how they push their agenda

After the disastrous loss in Virginia (and after almost losing in New Jersey last week), some Democrat lawmakers might pump the brakes on their agenda. Certain Democrats are also blaming the liberal approach for the loss, stating it alienated Independent voters. 

However, some are looking at it from a different point of view. These folks say Americans are, in fact, tired of the inaction from the Democrats. They believe folks want Democrats to pass legislation to help the people.

On the other hand, House Democrats, with the command of Biden, pushed through the hotly debated reconciliation spending bill. At last, they were finally able to pass the delayed infrastructure bill.

After the infrastructure bill was passed, Biden made a statement on Saturday. The president claimed Americans made it clear they want Democrats to deliver.

The president also claimed the message Democrats got from losing Virginia was they have to get something done. Instead of talking and debating, the Democrat Party has to deliver. 

It is still unclear whether the Democrat Party can keep its momentum high enough to pass the reconciliation bill in the upcoming weeks. However, according to the survey, only one out of four Americans believes that the bill would assist their families.