Americans are Now Turning Against Biden

Americans are turning against President Biden for the rising inflation at pumps, as oil prices continue to hike. Still, liberal journalists are providing a “tone deaf” analysis of the surging prices.

Americans Turning Against Biden

Dozens of Americans spoke to Fox News and scolded Biden for his comments that “he can’t do much” regarding the skyrocketing gas prices. A resident of Kentucky, namely Chester, labeled it a “bunch of bull.”

They were referring to Biden’s recent comments about inflation. On Tuesday, the president was asked if he could do anything about rising gas prices or not. Responding to that, Biden said he could not do much, as “Russia is responsible” for this.

Robert, a resident of Tampa, Florida, disagreed with Biden’s comments as well.

He suggested this is not a new problem; gas inflation has been polluting the country for a long time now, so Russia cannot be blamed.

Likewise, another respondent, Anne, noted the United States doesn’t have to import energy from anywhere else in the world, as it can take care of its domestic needs by more drilling.

Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris touted people should get electric cars to get rid of these prices.

However, Anne claimed people are unable to afford electric cars, so the government must turn its focus toward reducing oil prices.

Liberal media becomes the mouthpiece of Democrats

Harris is not the only Democrat who came into the spotlight, selling the clean energy narrative by promoting electric cars.

When US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was asked about the rising prices, she also replied with a big laugh that people can avoid high prices if they start driving electric vehicles.

The country is currently witnessing the highest fuel prices since the financial crisis of 2008. This makes liberal pundits and even celebrities reiterate the talking points of the White House that people should buy more electric cars.

While suggesting impractical solutions, Katy Tur of MSNBC suggested it is in the great interest of the United States to “go green” and eliminate the need for any foreign oil import to control prices.

Roben Farzad of NPR also noted one of the reasons for oil prices going up is the rigidness of Americans to buy big trucks and SUVs instead of electric cars. 

This is prompting a conservative backlash as well, as right-wing analysts are trying to bust this extremist narrative.

For instance, Curtis Houck of NewsBusters noted this is the most significant hypocrisy, which can expose the leftist narrative.

Houck stated it is a very demeaning attempt of these commentators to celebrate the price hike when Americans have been suffering badly from the crisis.

As the oil crisis intensified, even the owner of the biggest electric car company, Elon Musk, emphasized the need to drill more within America to address the need of rising prices.