Americans are Now Fed Up with COVID Restrictions

A series of public polls have indicated Americans are now fed up with the coronavirus pandemic and want to return back to normalcy as soon as possible.

Americans are fed up with the pandemic

According to Yahoo/YouGov’s latest survey, 46 percent of Americans believe it is time to try to live with the pandemic. Although a majority of voters are concerned about the virus, they still want to live normal lives again.

Another poll by a Republican firm had similar findings recently. This poll claimed 55 percent of voters believed COVID-19 would never go away, so it should be treated as an endemic, just like the flu. 

Similarly, the Kaiser Family Foundation’s survey noted three-quarters of adults are frustrated with the pandemic that is now entering its third year.

In yet another poll by Monmouth University, 70 percent of the audience agreed COVID is here to stay for an indefinite period of time, so it is time for us all to start living with it.

Not only this, but the survey also depicted support for the vaccine mandates is in continuous decline; just 43 percent of people support it currently, compared to 53 percent in September last year.

Likewise, the support for mask mandates and social distancing protocols also seems to be declining from 63 percent in September to 52 percent currently.

According to the Washington Post, the latest polls indicate why more people were disapproving of Biden’s approach towards the handling of the pandemic.

As the Biden administration continues struggling with the surging omicron virus, the Washington Post noted it can easily be overwhelmed further by these prevailing sentiments from the general public. 

People are considering COVID as a less severe issue than inflation

Despite the fact that most Americans are now done with the pandemic restrictions, Democrat voters were still inclined towards increasing the government’s response towards handling the virus.

According to an Axios/Ipsos poll, only 18 percent of respondents claim they have returned to normal lives, even though most lockdowns started waning across the United States.

Only 13 percent of people, in the same poll, predicted they expect to come back to their normal routines within the next six months.

Although for a long time, Americans believed the coronavirus was the most important issue the country was facing, this opinion is also now shifting rapidly.

Most people are now considering the country’s economy and inflation as bigger issues than the pandemic, according to the Washington Post. This increases Biden’s worries ahead of the midterm elections as he struggles to control rising inflation.

With the rising sentiments against government intervention in the public sphere, most Americans responded to Kaiser’s poll by confirming they would stop wearing face masks or getting their vaccinations merely because of the COVID virus.