Americans Are Finally Free From Medical Tyranny

Americans are finally getting a sigh of relief as most states are dropping their COVID mask mandates at a rapid pace.

Now, Hawaii remains the only state with the active indoor mask mandate.

Most States are Removing Masks Mandates

The receding impacts of omicron have encouraged states to take some sane actions, even though many far-left Americans still believe it is too early to lift mask mandates.

However, these mandates in schools are still in action in big numbers, as almost one-third of school districts are reluctant to remove mask mandates, as per the school tracking website, Burbio.

One of the last remaining areas of the country with the mask mandates, Puerto Rico, announced on Monday these masks would no longer be a requirement for indoor gatherings, including schools.

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated most Americans have no need to comply with masking requirements. This announcement led many different states to finally make a decision.

Most of the current mask mandates in schools are due to the decisions of school districts and not the states.

For instance, many public schools in Seattle, Washington, and Boston have mask mandates intact, even though public officials in those states ended these restrictions.

Liberal Parents Cry Foul as They Go Against Science

Liberal parents, who often claim to comply with the scientific discourse, are still hesitant to accept the return to normal, despite the fact now even CDC is recommending people to take off their masks.

For example, more than 1,000 parents wrote to the New York Times, claiming the decision to make masks optional is premature.

One of these parents, Robin Ostrov of Buffalo, stated she was feeling “angst and stressed” over the decision, adding the country is still not recovered from the dangerous effects of the contagious virus.

Another parent in New York City, Lorraine Harrigan, stated the authorities are “rushing too fast to remove” masking requirements.

Experts even indicated children had been facing mental health issues in the pandemic, adding the educational value of seeing full faces during teaching is too large to ignore any further.

Meanwhile, children are feeling joyous as they get to see each other’s faces for the first time in two years. A student named Tasnim from Stuyvesant High School of New York City stated it was surprising for her to see her classmates without a mask.

Another student named Noah Vera claimed to see each other without masks looks “nice.” Some students noted removing masks improved communication across the board, which will eventually increase learning.

This increased learning is likely to improve the performances of children in educational institutions, which have declined during the course of the virus.

A slate of new studies is now revealing children in various grades are falling way behind the benchmark needed for them, signaling a sharp decline in their educational performance, due to pandemic-related restrictions.