American Colonel Stopped Americans from Leaving War-Torn Country

A new documentary reveals disturbing facts from last year’s chaotic evacuation of the United States from Afghanistan.

Reportedly, a US colonel stopped various Americans from leaving the war-torn country of Afghanistan and returned them to Kabul to live under Taliban rule.

US Military Colonel Left Americans in Afghanistan

Many witnesses of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan recalled the horrors from last August in a new documentary named “Send Me.”

According to the witnesses, an unidentified US military personnel “murdered” the passengers of five buses by stopping them from reaching the airplane that was supposed to bring them out of Afghanistan.

The passengers of the buses who were denied entry to the outgoing plane included Americans who wanted to get out of the war-torn country after the Taliban took over Kabul. Likewise, many orphans and American allies were also present on the buses. 

As per the documentary, all the passengers on the buses had complete documentation needed to flee Afghanistan; they were even searched by US Marines for security purposes when they reached the airport.

When the passengers were cleared by the US Marines to board the outgoing plane, a random colonel from the 82nd Airborne Division stepped up to stop those passengers from entering the plane.

The documentary claimed the troubling colonel was acting like he had the sole authority to allow people on the planes that were departing from Afghanistan.

One anonymous person told documentary makers that the colonel even turned down Americans to enter the plane, thinking they might have fake passports with them.

Similarly, an American soldier, Tim Kennedy, noted the colonel returned all the passengers of the five buses at gunpoint who passed through Taliban security checks to go back to Kabul.

Here, they were allegedly murdered.

People Were Desperate to Leave Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover

Send Me is the documentary of 13 friends led by former Marine official Chad Robichaux, who wanted to save a single Afghan interpreter named Aziz.

However, the rescue operation ended up saving almost 800 people who eventually boarded different planes leaving Afghanistan.

Robichaux stated his group realized they should also save other people who could be prosecuted under the Taliban regime.

So, they started focusing on saving women and religious minorities who would have been persecuted by the Taliban government otherwise. As the rescue operation started, more people joined Robichaux’s team to help the vulnerable people.

Nick Palmisciano, a former soldier, asserted everyone was desperate to leave Afghanistan after the takeover of the Taliban.

This desperation was so severe that multiple people tied themselves to the tires of a C-17 jet and ended up dying by falling from the air.

Likewise, Palmisciano continued, people were throwing their babies over the walls of the airport without realizing concertina wires were present on the other side of those walls.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.