America Unleashes Draconian Sanctions Against Russia

America is planning a range of sanctions against Russia, which will be effective within hours of Russia invading Ukraine.

Ahead of the diplomatic talks with Russia over the issue of Ukraine, this measure of the Biden administration is likely to engineer the way these talks go.

America to impose sanctions against Russia

According to a Biden administration official who spoke to CNN, the sanctions would impact industrial operations of the country, which will ultimately create bottlenecks for consumers and employees.

In some cases, the sanctions which are currently in practice against Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Syria would be imposed against Russia as well.

It is important to mention the United States and Russia are all set for high-stakes talks beginning from Monday in Geneva and will be extended to different events in the subsequent days.

US officials have stated if the upcoming talks fail, and Russia moves forward to invade Ukraine, America will immediately force restrictions upon the former Cold War foe.

This can be compared to the 2014 strategy when the US put small sanctions against Russian banks after its annexation of Crimea.

America has already discussed the plans with its global allies, which include disenfranchising Russian financial institutions from the international financial structure.

Similarly, the American-made technology used in the Russian defense system and other consumer industries would be subjected to the embargo.

This would be coupled with introducing arming insurgents into Ukraine, which will wage war against the Russian military.

These sorts of moves are not fully uncovered to give the enemy a surprise; however, officials noted they are trying to communicate to Putin what he could face to influence his foreign policy choices in advance.

US diplomats think Russia will attack Ukraine after talks

Wendy R. Sherman, the deputy secretary of state who also negotiated the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, will represent America in talks starting Monday.

Russia has already put forward a proposal, which asks for a NATO guarantee that the alliance would never offer membership to Ukraine. Similarly, Russia is asking the US not to put any missiles in Europe that can be used to target Russia.

American diplomats are already worrying that Russia could attack Ukraine even after talks. Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, declared on Friday if Russia manages to provocate the United States during talks just to attack Ukraine later, no one should be surprised.

Claiming Russia will be subjected to “massive consequences,” Blinken asserted this time, the US is clear in its foreign policy choices.

According to the New York Times, this warning of Blinken is indicative of the fact the response of the Obama administration was too mild against Russia when it invaded Crimea back in 2014.

Recently, the White House conducted an internal review of the Obama-era sanctions on Russia, according to which the strategies of the former president failed to force Russia to withdraw.