Alleged Cover-Up: CDC Deputy Director Tied to Cuomo’s Death Scandal

Dr. Howard Zucker is the former New York Health Commissioner and recently secured new roles within the public health sector.

He was embroiled in the controversial decision to allow COVID-19 patients back into nursing homes during the early months of the pandemic.

The policy he and former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo implemented has been linked to a significant number of deaths among nursing home residents, a situation compounded by allegations of underreporting the actual death toll.

Critics Raise Questions About Public Health Officials’ Roles in Biden Administration

The order, issued in March 2020, prohibited nursing homes from denying re-admission or admission to individuals solely based on a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 diagnosis, even barring facilities from testing incoming patients for the virus.

It has been reported that over 9,000 COVID patients were sent into nursing homes. Over 15,000 nursing home residents died.

After Cuomo was forced to resign, due to a separate scandal, Zucker also resigned from his position.

He has since been hired as Chief Medical Officer at Color Health, a company specializing in COVID-19 testing. He later became a Deputy Director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

His responsibilities at the CDC include planning, directing, and managing global strategies and programs.

Critics point out Zucker’s official biography downplays his role in the nursing home deaths controversy, simply listing COVID-19 among other public health crises he dealt with.

There is no mention of the subsequent investigations or the controversy surrounding the nursing home deaths.

Some view this as an example of how some public health officials involved in controversial decisions during the pandemic have been able to secure significant roles in the Biden administration.

Critics Raise Questions about Scrutiny of Officials Involved in Nursing Home Controversies

Several other former state health officials involved in controversial COVID-19 policies regarding nursing homes have been appointed to key positions in the Biden administration.

Dr. Richard Levine of Pennsylvania, who implemented a similar order to New York, was made Assistant Secretary for Health and given the rank of admiral.

It should be noted that Levine’s own mother was removed from a nursing home during this time; over 2,500 nursing home residents in Pennsylvania died due to COVID-19.

Levine, who transitioned and is now known as Rachel, attracted attention primarily for advocating for transgender rights, rather than the nursing home deaths in Pennsylvania.

These appointments raise concerns among some critics who argue these individuals’ roles in the nursing home controversies have not been sufficiently scrutinized or addressed.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.