All US, Canadian Hostages Released from Haiti

All 17 American missionaries have now been released from Haiti kidnappers who abducted them a couple of months ago. While five of them were released earlier, the Haiti National Police announced the release of the twelve remaining individuals on Thursday.

Haiti kidnappers released all US missionaries

After the much-awaited release, an Ohio-based organization, Christian Aid Ministries, noted all of the members of the religious group were free, as God listened to their prayers.

However, no further clarification was made in regard to whether or not the ransom was paid or if the physical conditions of the abducted people were compromised.

The latest abduction of the US-based group depicted the power of undercover gangs in the Caribbean nation. This nation has been marred by deep political unrest since its president was assassinated recently.

According to a local newspaper, while five hostages were released earlier, the rest of them were found in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti.

One of the relatives of the newly released missionaries commented anonymously they would soon travel back to the United States. However, the relative did not give any further specific information to protect the whereabouts of the now-released hostages.

The US embassy in Haiti did not issue any statement regarding their release.

The notorious gang asked for a $1 million ransom per person

In October 2021, 16 Americans and one Canadian were taken hostage by 400 Mawozo, a notorious gang in Haiti, when they visited an orphanage in the capital city.

The gang asked for ransom money of $1 million per person; however, it is yet to be made clear if the administration provided them with the money.

400 Mawozo’s leader pledged in October he would unload a big gun in every hostage’s head if he did not get the money he asked for.

The father of one of the hostages, Matt Miller, who was released in November, noted the affected families did not know one another before the abduction; however, the event brought them closer to each other. Now, everyone is rejoicing.

After the unfortunate event, the families of the hostages criticized Biden and his administration in a letter, for not taking any action against the criminals.

The violence in the nation is so intense that Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry already indicated that without taking back control of the capital from gangs, conducting free and fair elections is not possible.

Meanwhile, the co-chair of the Haiti caucus in the House, Rep. Andy Levin, noted terror and violence shattered the lifestyle in Haiti, asserting the United States must restore democratic practices in the nation.

While the Haitian government asked the United States to provide military support to bring peace to the country, the Biden administration was quick to reject the plea. This increased the suffering of the troubled population.