Alex Jones Hit With Huge Lawsuit Loss in Sandy Hook Case

Alex Jones is a leading right-wing radio host who dabbles in conspiracies and isn’t afraid to go against the establishment.

His InfoWars broadcast has grown from a small cable access show to one of the most widely watched and listened to in the world. Jones had a sizeable impact on the 2016 election.

After being banned from almost all social media platforms in 2021, he reallocated most of his assets to other servers, but Jones’ troubles were far from over.

That’s because he’s been embroiled in a trial over lying about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in which 20 kids were killed with seven adults.

Now, jurors have reached a verdict. Jones is being hit with some of the biggest damages in US history.

The Sandy Hook Massacre

The tragic massacre at Sandy Hook shocked the nation. There were also a number of conspiracies circulating at the time. They claimed the shooting was staged with crisis actors as part of an agenda to enact heightened gun control.

Jones voiced some of these conspiracies at the time and was perhaps the most prominent voice entertaining such ideas.

The case brought against him was by various Sandy Hook survivor families and an FBI agent who said Jones’ comments had caused undue suffering to families.

They subjected families to threats from conspiracy theorists, who hounded some survivor families while trying to prove they were fake. The defamation suit has now resulted in a demand that Jones payout $965 million dollars.

Previously, Jones was ordered to pay out $50 million to another Sandy Hook parent in a related suit.

Robbie Parker said he was proud of compelling Jones to shell out the money for the damaging lies he’d told about the deaths at Sandy Hook, including that of Parker’s 6-year-old daughter.

This verdict is a very troubling precedent, to say the least.

It is basically demanding that a man pay out for hurting people’s feelings by entertaining conspiracies. It also implies that Jones is legally responsible for the actions of listeners who were motivated by his words to engage in illegal harassment.

Jones’ Lawyer Responds

Jones is represented by a man by the name of Norm Pattis. He said they will appeal this monster verdict and called it a “dark day” for free speech.

According to Pattis, the verdict is part of a “show trial” and this is just about punishing things based on political motivation.

Specifically, a lot of these large payouts to families, which amount to $965 million, are motivated by illegal and harassing actions taken by supporters of Jones.

These included individuals who peed on the grave of one of the Sandy Hook victims, sent rape threats to the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary, and harassed and engaged in death threats against other survivor families.

This is horrific, animalistic behavior not worthy of the lowest person in the country, to be sure. Though is Jones responsible for what everyone does who listens to him?

Biden said recently on Sept. 1 that the MAGA movement is trying to destroy “the very soul” of America. Does this mean that he is responsible for every act of violence against conservatives, including the recent murder of conservative teen Cayler Ellingson?

If so, Biden should currently be on trial for inciting murder.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.