Alec Baldwin Staring Down Serious Legal Problems

In late 2021, the shooting of the movie “Rust” in New Mexico led to the death of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who was working on set. Hutchins’ death happened after actor Alec Baldwin, who was also working on the movie, pulled the trigger of a gun he was holding.

Baldwin, for the record, alleges he didn’t pull the trigger and that the gun just fired on its own. However, this simply isn’t possible. Ballistics have proven such.

Currently, the actor is now facing involuntary manslaughter charges and looking at spending years behind bars. Meanwhile, authorities also claim that Baldwin repeatedly changed his story about what happened, thereby sending up alarm bells.

In addition to the involuntary manslaughter charges that stand against him, Baldwin is likewise facing a lawsuit from Hutchins’ family, according to Fox News.

A Deep Dive into the Lawsuit Against Baldwin

The family of Halyna Hutchins maintains that Baldwin’s culpability in her death cannot be left unchecked.

Therefore, in this lawsuit, they’re accusing the disgraced actor of loss of consortium, emotional distress, battery, and other grievances. Representing them as legal counsel is Gloria Allred, who filed suit on behalf of the late cinematographer’s sister, mom, and dad.

According to Allred, Baldwin has never tried to make any contact with Hutchins’ family to apologize for her death. Svetlana Zemko, the sister of Hutchins, also recently spoke out about this lawsuit during a press conference.

Zemko maintains that since Hutchins passed, the health of their parents has taken a turn for the worst. Furthermore, the late cinematographer’s sister described the entire ordeal as a “horrible experience” for which the responsible individuals should not escape punishment.

Nearly one year ago, Matthew Hutchins, husband to Halyna, also sued Baldwin, along with other folks working on the set of the movie when she died.

Big Trouble Ahead For Baldwin

With Alec Baldwin facing civil and criminal action, it’s hard to imagine he gets out of this unscathed. So far, legal specialists believe if the actor admits guilt in the criminal charges brought against him, this could strengthen the lawsuit from Hutchins’ family.

The same can also be said if Baldwin is found to be guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a court of law. Not helping Baldwin is the fact that prosecutors maintain he revised his story on numerous occasions when discussing what transpired.

They likewise accuse him of negligence and missing ample training opportunities that would have helped him know how to handle a firearm on the movie set.

In the weeks and months ahead, Americans should stay tuned to learn more information.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.