Alarming: Female Sports in Unprecedented Danger

The issue of allowing transgenders to compete in women’s sports is on the rise once again.

Taylor Silverman, a female skater, has spoken against the merging of female sports with transgenders, as a biological man defeated her in a skating competition final.

Female Athlete Cried Foul Against Transgenders in Women’s Sports

Speaking in a show “Don’t @ Me” with OutKick’s Dan Dakich” Silverman clarified the dangers which are posed by the inclusion of transgenders in women’s sports.

She stated she has been facing liberal backlash since she spoke against Lilian Gallagher, who participated in female skating, despite being transgender.

Recently, Gallagher competed in a female skating competition and stood first, thus receiving $5,000 of prize money.

In the same competition, Silverman stood second, which is the very reason why she started speaking against Gallagher.

Furthermore, Silverman claimed she was bullied and even denied the first prize, despite being the most competitive biological female athlete in the game.

The event was sponsored by Red Bull; the company declined to comment on the concerns of Silverman.

This silence of the organization is encouraging the woke crowd to bully the female athlete, who is being labeled as transphobic and a “salty maggot.”

During the interview, Silverman acknowledged she was not feeling comfortable when she first knew she would have to compete with a biological male.

Although Silverman decided to participate in the finale for the sake of sportsmanship, she did feel the urge to speak about the issue that is impacting women’s sports nationwide.

The host of the show asked the female athlete about her most worrisome concern.

Responding to this, she stated she is threatened with being blacklisted for speaking out on the issue; many people harass her for standing up for her legitimate rights.

Existential Crisis in Female Athletics

Silverman also asserted she did not want to hurt the feelings of any individual. However, speaking up against the wrong things is a huge responsibility.

According to the athlete, the issue kept her head spinning for a while; she therefore felt the urge to speak out regarding the crisis.

This matter will impact not only her, but also her daughters in the future, Silverman added.

Thus, the female athlete continued, the fear of doing injustice to her future daughters was greater than facing an online smear campaign, which empowered her to raise her voice.

After receiving an incredible amount of hate on her Instagram messages, Silverman claimed these things are now getting “unmanageable.”

However, Silverman also talked about people who supported her after her campaign for the protection of women’s sports.

She indicated that female athletes themselves and their parents are reaching out to her to denounce the oppression of female sports.

Likewise, even those transgenders who are against the merging of their games with females are supporting Silverman.