According to “Woke” Mob, Binary Sex Didn’t Exist Until 1800s!

"Person at Pride parade holding a sign with message "Non-binary identities are VALID" by Ivan Radic

The Scientific American, a popular science magazine that’s had less and less to do with actual science in recent times, published a documentary claiming the idea of binary sex and gender wasn’t “a thing” before the 1800s.

The video in question, titled “A Question of Sex,” challenges the well-established fact that sex and gender are binary. It says the narrative we’re currently adhering to wasn’t even invented until the late 1800s by western civilization.

“Which one” by Andy Michael

Guess we were bigots all along?

Instead, the “science” magazine claims the West believed there to be only one gender, that being male, and women were considered to fall into an inferior version of it.

It seems “science” these days goes above and beyond to state things that are categorically untrue, with the documentary practically alluding to the absurd idea that pre-1700s western civilizations had no access to the Bible.

Both the Old and the New Testaments observe sex as a binary concept. Even if they didn’t, how would we have made it to the fabled 18th-century invention of binary sex and gender if we’d not been aware of the male/female paradigm?

Additionally, the idea that the female body was perceived as inferior to the male would have also caused a collapse of our civilization within decades, with the entirety of our species dying off in under a century.

Who’s the one lying?

If the Scientific American is to be trusted, the only valid explanation is the Bible was actually written after the Declaration of Independence.

Given how the left is adamant about the idea that our Founding Fathers were racist, the concept definitely falls into place, if you’re dumb enough to believe it.

As it stands, left-leaning “science” magazines are telling the nation the very binary gender system we have today was created through bigotry and racism; almost as if this entire gender identity movement didn’t only just pop up recently.

The idea that stuff like cakegender and clowngender concepts existed some 300 years ago is absurd and somewhat hilarious, considering there are actually people that feed into this crap.

Unfortunately, it won’t be long before this topic makes it to K-12 classrooms via liberal policies. Our children will be questioning the legitimacy of the Bible at the same time they’re supposed to be learning their ABCs.

The magazine also touched on the topic of “intersex”, which includes well over 30 chromosomes and genital or internal organ anomalies that fall out of standard binary gender norms.

This still in no way implies that referring to yourself in the plural is valid and acceptable.

Fortunately, Scientific American isn’t the greatest outlier when it comes to preaching false concepts like this. Democrats already established what side of the narrative they’re on, with one Texas representative claiming there are six biological sexes.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.