Absolute CATASTROPHE: Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Walking Under Texas Bridge

Troubling drone footage surfaced on Sunday online and it showed a big crowd of immigrants held by Border Patrol in Texas. The video footage provoked extreme criticism from Republicans, as they mentioned how the video emphasizes the severity of the border crisis. 

Biden-Harris administration created a complete catastrophe

Republican New York representative Elise Stefanik posted on Twitter how the video shows the complete catastrophe created by the Biden-Harris administration. 

Stefanik then shared a post from Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin. In the retweeted post, Melugin stated that the video showed one of the biggest groups of illegal immigrants that they have ever seen held by Border Patrol agents under the Anzalduas Bridge in Mission, Texas. 

Melugin also added that it looks as if there were around 1,000 migrants walking under the bridge. He said that they can only see the area through drone footage and there is a popular area crossing nearby. 

When reporters were seeking comments from Border Patrol, they did not immediately respond. 

Since Biden took office, his administration has been criticized for how the crisis at the border was being handled. Republicans, in particular, were very critical of how the administration was reacting towards it.

They stated that Biden should act more assertively in getting the problem under control, particularly with the ongoing pandemic. A week ago, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbot declared that he would be deploying a National Guard in Texas to assists Border Patrol agents in making arrests. 

In a letter sent to the adjutant general of the National Guard of Texas, Major General Tracy R. Norris, Abbott stated that the border is in need of more manpower in order to respond to the disastrous conditions, secure the Southern border, and protect the rule of law.

According to reports of U.S. officials, in June, they encountered 55,805 illegal immigrants crossing the border as families, dragging with them their children. These numbers are 25% higher compared to last month. The figures stayed the same and below the sky-high number of 88,587 in May.

Texas County attorney stated that illegal immigrants wreak havoc on ranches, farms along the border

Meanwhile, Brent Smith, a county attorney for Kinney County, Texas stated that he is prosecuting the rise of trespassing cases of illegal immigrants trying to cross the U.S. borders by passing through private properties. 

According to the county attorney, he has first-hand knowledge of how undocumented immigrants wreaked havoc on farmers and ranchers that are located along the border.

He said that the crimes range from property damage up to emotional damage caused by the constant fear of going out at night. Smith also gets reports from property owners about how fences on their properties get damaged by illegal migrants.

This happens either by driving through them using stolen vehicles or by cutting the fence as they attempt to cross to the United States. Accordingly, farmers and ranchers have to constantly patrol their property and move quickly and repair the damaged fences.

Moreover, Smith also stated that this everyday struggle experienced by Texas ranchers is taking a toll on their bank accounts and their livelihoods.