Abortion Pill for Killing Unborn Infants to Become Available at Retail Pharmacies

The Biden administration has taken abortion to the next level. The Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement that abortion pills can now be sold at retail pharmacies, such as Walgreens and CVS.

FDA Sends Abortion Pills to ‘Legit’ Drug Supply Chain

The FDA has changed its rule to allow any pharmacy fulfilling its guidelines to fill prescription orders for abortion drug Mifepristone – and not only in stores, but also by mail, The Daily Wire reported.

Until now, Mifepristone could only be obtained through doctors, clinics, or a handful of mail-order pharmacies.

Explaining the availability of the abortion pill Mifeprex, as well as its generic tablet, Mifepristone, the FDA said the two equivalent medications would be through a single REMS (“risk evaluation and mitigation strategy”).

It elaborated that the Mifepristone REMS program laid out the requirements which needed to be fulfilled for the use of the drug to medically terminate a pregnancy through the tenth gestation week.

The FDA also said women seeking to have an abortion with Mifepristone shouldn’t purchase it without a prescription online since it couldn’t guarantee the safety of medicines bought outside the “legitimate drug supply chain.”

Data from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute shows 54% of abortions in 2020 were carried out with medications. The share of women using the “medical abortion” method will probably shoot up now that the FDA has allowed retail pharmacies to sell abortion pills.

The FDA’s new rules expanding the availability of abortion pills comes after dozens of states have limited or banned clinical abortion after June 2022, when the Supreme Court dealt abortion a severe blow by overturning Roe v Wade.

SCOTUS thus made abortion a matter to be settled by each individual state, leading 13 states to activate their trigger laws for limited abortion. In contrast, a few other states have passed new legislation on the matter.

Abortion Through Pills Practically Illegal in 18 States

Some of the anti-abortion states are still seeing legal battles over the legality of abortion bans. The state of Mississippi has already ruled against abortion pills.

Back in July, Tate Reeves, Mississippi’s Republican governor, announced doctors would be stripped of their medical licenses if they prescribed abortion pills in the state.

Reeves insisted if abortion was illegal in his state, so were abortion pills, and anyone who prescribed them would no longer be able to practice medicine there.

More than nine months ago, in March, South Dakota’s Republican Governor, Kristi Noem, signed a law banning “telemedicine abortion.”

She claimed the South Dakota law in question offered protection to “both the unborn babies” and to their mothers from what she described as a “dangerous procedure.”

The Guttmacher Institute revealed in a recent report that 18 states presently “require” a clinician prescribing an abortion through medication should be physically present when the pill gets administered.

That means these states have in place a de facto ban on using telemedicine for prescribing abortion medication.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.