Abbott Laboratories Working to Produce More Baby Formula

For the better part of this year, the nation’s been confronted with a serious baby formula shortage. This has created severe problems for infants and parents alike.

Various proposed solutions (such as parents going to doctors’ offices for baby formula and giving their infants generic formula) aren’t working out so well. For starters, many doctors’ offices don’t have spare formula just laying around.

Secondly, generic formula isn’t always an option. Many babies require very specific types of formula.

Biden’s response to this shortage crisis has been lackluster, at best.

He’s ordered shipments of formulas from other nations like Germany. However, the president knew this crisis would emerge well before it did. Though he still awaited until the 11th hour before taking real action.

Now, it’s come out that Abbott Nutrition, a top baby formula supplier, is working to get more formula for infants back on the shelves, per Newsmax.

The Return of Similac Baby Formula

To date, Similac stands as a vital brand of formula that many babies rely upon for necessary nutrients. This is what makes its lack of availability over the past several months so hard.

According to Abbott Nutrition, Americans can project this formula to be available in retail stores within about six weeks’ time. The supplier also maintains that it’s aware of how important this formula is to families.

Therefore, Abbott Nutrition claims that it’s not going to give up until this formula is readily accessible to Americans everywhere.

While Similac is still in the works, Abbott Nutrition has been working on getting EleCare formula back on shelves also. However, as it stands today, this also remains a work in progress.

Not Soon Enough

For many parents and infants, the clock is ticking. The ongoing lack of baby formula supply this year has led to the hospitalization of many infants. Parents, meanwhile, are faced with steep hospital bills amid an already ongoing inflation crisis.

Some Americans have suggested that if there were other suppliers of baby formula besides Abbott Nutrition, Americans wouldn’t be faced with such steep shortages today.

At this point, it remains to be seen whether or not this year’s baby formula crisis leads to any changes in the field of baby formula producers.

Right now, only time will tell whether or not Abbott Nutrition is able to live up to the six-month marker it’s set for itself. Previously, Abbott Nutrition opened its facility only to shut down again after flooding took place.

Are you worried about the ongoing baby formula shortage that continues to cause problems for infants and parents alike? Feel free to let us know in the comments area how much longer you believe the baby formula shortage will drag on.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.