A Victory for Constitutional Rights Under the Second Amendment in New Jersey

A landmark judicial decision in New Jersey Court provided a temporary injunction for the Foundation for Second Amendment, allowing them to challenge an expansive state law criminalizing gun possession.

The case could become foundational if it succeeds and sets a precedent of increased rights under the Second Amendment across the country.

A Major Victory for the Second Amendment

A federal judge in New Jersey recently made a historic ruling in favor of gun owners, noting the possibility of winning based on the merits of the matter.

The co-plaintiffs and the Foundation for Second Amendment had challenged a new law that outlawed carrying firearms at an extensive list of locations noted as ‘sensitive areas.’

After reviewing all evidence, Judge Renee Marie Bumb determined there was substantial evidence the plaintiffs had a case worth hearing. This allowed firearms to be legally carried if the proper cause is provided.

This ruling marks a momentous victory for gun owners, who have long been advocating for the right to bear arms.

This decision shows while the state has the authority to enact certain restrictions on firearms possession in certain areas, there must also be due consideration given to individuals’ rights under the Second Amendment and legitimate needs for self-defense.

Judge Bumb has declared in her ruling that the state’s attempt to regulate cases of concealed carry handguns is unconstitutional.

Such efforts, if put into effect, would constitute a violation of rights under the Second Amendment and cause uncorrectable injury for those who have valid permits from the state.

Judge Bumb further proclaimed that there was no legitimate interest or historical tradition present to agree with any such attempts by the state.

Rights Under the Second Amendment Standing Strong

The Foundation of the Second Amendment is once again standing strong on its ground to defend the rights of the American people.

Last June, the Supreme Court alleged the lawmakers in New Jersey have tried to cross the line set out by the ruling.

The executive vice chair and founder of the foundation stated the decision of the court in New Jersey set forth a remarkable precedent on how American constitutional rights should be treated.

Adam Kraut, Executive Director of the Foundation for Second Amendment (SAF), was elated with Judge Bumb’s recognition of the power of the plaintiff’s arguments to combat a law that infringes upon the public’s right to bring guns.

Not only did Judge Bumb find in favor of the plaintiffs’ legal position, but he also pointed out New Jersey’s lack of cooperation in providing evidence to back up their claim that such laws are necessary.

In fact, it is believed the delayed response from New Jersey is an indication they have no substantial evidence available in defense of their imposed restrictions on gun ownership.

The SAF Executive Director welcomed this acknowledgment as a significant victory for those who uphold and support gun rights.