The Tragic Hanging of a Woman at the Southern Border

The autopsy of an illegal Mexican immigrant who lost her life playing into the hands of smugglers revealed she was left hanging at the US border.

This happened when she tried to enter America last month.

Arizona Woman Died of Hanging While Entering America Illegally

According to Arizona authorities, a woman named Griselda Anais Verduzco Armenta was found hanging at the Arizona border.

When Mexican authorities called US Border Patrol agents, alerting them of the hanged lady, she was transported to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared her dead.

She was choked by her climbing harness and ensnared in a cord that left her clueless as she tried to escape the trap.

Various parts of her body, including the head, extremities, and torso, were abraded, due to the trappings. Her legs were lacerated, as per the reports of the Associated Press.

A cousin of the deceased woman claimed she was trying to enter the United States by climbing the border wall from the region of Douglas, Arizona. Reportedly, the lady was the mother of two daughters, aged one and nine.

As she wore her harness, she fell while climbing the wall. Although smugglers tried hard to help her escape death, they were unable to save her.

Thus, all of them left the scene to avoid getting caught by border authorities. When the smugglers left, the woman was still alive, gasping for oxygen.

Smugglers Exploiting Innocent People on America’s Border 

According to the office of county Sheriff Mark Channels, the woman was trying to enter America using a harness; during the climb, she slipped, which left her hanging.

Later on, the American government informed the Mexican consulate about the unfortunate incident.

Mark Channels noted these types of events are not political, but they depict a sorrowful reality that someone lost a life, due to a tragic incident.

He also suggested that the American border is facing unprecedented challenges, so this is the right time to seek proper solutions for the safety and security of the border.

The US-Mexico border provides favorable conditions to different types of smugglers who export illegal humans and drugs to the United States.

While this smuggling has been reduced since the Trump administration took measures to build a physical wall, the soft-hearted policies of the incumbent administration still empower smugglers to experiment with different things.

Back then, when this unfortunate incident happened on April 11, the sheriff’s office claimed the lady remained hanged for a significant amount of time, waiting for help after smugglers left her unattended.

This is not the first time people lost their lives trying to enter America illegally. According to a Guardian report, more than 7,000 people have died since 1998 while attempting to enter the US illegally.

This comes at a time when Arizona already declared 2020 the deadliest year at the border; at least 227 dead bodies were found in a single year.