A New Dating App For Pro-Trump Conservatives is Coming

Within the past several years, there’s been a serious uptick in wokeness presenting itself in various facets of society. Some examples include in children’s classrooms, women’s sports, and even higher education.

As all this transpires, many on the left see no issue with it at all. Meanwhile, folks on the right are repeatedly pointing out the problems with indoctrination in the education system and biological males playing in women’s sports.

However, there are various opportunities for pushback that conservatives can take advantage of. One example is creating forums and spaces that are geared towards right-wing people.

This is why a dating app for conservatives is in the works and set for release next month, per Newsmax.

The Right Stuff

The dating app known as The Right Stuff is all about helping conservative singles connect with other singles who share their politics. The app will allow conservatives to invite their friends on the platform; various pricing structures have yet to be announced.

Politics aside, the layout of The Right Stuff is expected to mirror other dating sites. The profile image, bio space, and ability to choose or reject potential matches will be similar to other platforms available.

Concerning the management side of The Right Stuff, it has the backing of various right-wing business moguls and aides connected to Trump World.

Ultimately, with The Right Stuff, people will be able to connect with fellow singles who share many of their values and worldviews.

A Rise in Right-wing Apps

Over the years, there’s been an increase in apps and websites that are meant to appeal to right-wing Americans. This can be seen with Truth Social, Parler, Gab, Rumble, etc.

A huge factor driving the creation of these platforms has been mainstream censorship of conservatives and folks who lean right of center. With that censorship came a demand for spaces where conservative voices and viewpoints can be heard without fear of getting yanked off the internet.

Time will tell how well The Right Stuff does once it’s released to the general public next month. The app will certainly have to compete with other dating platforms that are very well-established and in the mainstream by now.

However, amongst conservatives who are single and interested in building a life with someone who agrees with them on politics, there certainly exists a market for The Right Stuff.

Between now and September, Americans can look for more promotional material as The Right Stuff prepares for its grand debut.

What do you think about the new right-wing dating app known as The Right Stuff? Do you believe this app is going to be a major success amongst conservatives? In the comments feed below, you’re more than welcome to let us know your predictions.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.