A Creepy Way Human Traffickers Catch Future Victims and How To Avoid It

Sex trafficking is a multi-billion dollar global industry. In 2021, sex trafficking made over $30 billion in profits.

Traffickers force adults and children to do sex acts for money and serve as sex slaves. Over five million people were sex trafficked last year.

This is modern slavery of the worst kind; it is an especially horrible form of human trafficking of workers and migrants, which rakes in $120 billion per year.

One way to stay safe from sex traffickers is to realize some of the tricks they use to identify and track targets.

Dad Notices Creepy Thing on Daughter’s Car

One of the ways sex traffickers identify future victims is by marking their vehicles. A recent video that went viral on TikTok is from a dad who noticed his daughter’s car had something attached to it.

The dad, who goes by boogeyman0302 on TikTok, explained his daughter has a job in a large city and finishes late at night. She generally drives home after her shift, which is when he noticed that somebody put a zip tie on her car door handle.

At first he thought nothing of it and figured it was some kind of mistake or parking notice of some kind. He cut it off. The next day, his daughter came home and again had a black zip tie affixed to the passenger side door handle.

After a few days the dad became confused and asked his daughter if there was some reason for it.

She hadn’t even been aware; however, the man’s brother who works as a police officer explained it’s a way that sex traffickers mark young women who are “vulnerable” and will be easy to snatch.

One of the Signs to Be Aware of

Although the idea of a zip tie on a car door handle being a threat may seem silly to some, it’s very much real.

As this dad’s brother explained, sex traffickers know what to look out for. The zip ties tell them an individual has been watched, is alone, and would be desirable to sell on the market.

Of course, there are many other things to watch out for too in order to escape the grasp of sex traffickers and criminals.

Another is the Romeo Pimp or “Loverboy,” which is a handsome young man who tries to get a young lady to fall in love with him. He then sex trafficks her and sells her. This is unfortunately a very common tactic, partly because it can be so effective.

It also shows the level of betrayal and cruelty that sex traffickers are willing to go to in order to make money.

Getting Serious About Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is a horrific crime. It’s time society got much more serious about stopping it.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.