A Convincing Victory for DeSantis as Only 18K Voters Register as Democrat

"Ron DeSantis" By Gage Skidmore

New reports from Florida show the Sunshine State has been raking in quite the number of Republican voters, increasing by over one million, compared to October 2018 state records when there were 13.2 million voters.

Additionally, the number of non-affiliated voters increased by a mere 10%, going up from 3.5 to 3.9 million in the same four-year period, with the Democrat Party’s enrollment increasing by only 18k.

“Ron DeSantis” By Gage Skidmore

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis scores massive amount of voters in Florida

The vice chairman of the state’s GOP, Christian Ziegler, had a couple of things to say about this.

He claimed Florida’s Democrats barely managed to scrap together 18,000 voters in the past four years; whereas the massive support for Governor DeSantis brought the Republican Party a 10% increase.

DeSantis delivered on some important issues, starting with his Parental Rights in Education bill, which aimed to protect children within the state from the influence of transgender ideology and the gender identity movement.

However, this doesn’t mean we can afford to let up at this point. Ziegler added the party will continue onwards at full throttle until DeSantis achieves victory and the Democrat Party becomes practically extinct in the Sunshine State.

Others pointed out the state’s Democrat Party has little to offer to its voters, comparing it to Washington’s failed leadership and the devastating anti-American values they stand for.

Is there even an incentive to vote Democratic in Florida?

So far, the Florida Democrat Party based its entire platform to be against everything DeSantis does, without telling their voters anything in regard to what they actually offer or what they’re willing to do better than Republicans.

In his search for a second term as governor, DeSantis is facing Democrat Charlie Crist. All the polls are in DeSantis’ favor, showing a clear lead of 4.8%, with only one of the 12 polls indicating Crist has a chance at winning.

Unfortunately, the governor does have opposition within the state, with assistant political science professor Sean Freeder of the University of North Florida claiming his collaboration with Abbott in sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard is basically “out-Trumping” former President Trump.

Finally, even though DeSantis denied any claims of a presidential run in 2024, a hypothetical poll bidding him against Biden in 2024 showed DeSantis was favored over the current president, with an 8-point lead.

While there’s certainly a margin of error, as there is with every one of these polls, it’s only 4.4%.

It was conducted with “500 likely Florida voters” through live telephone interviews of households that indicated they were planning to vote in the November 2022 election for governor.

As it stands for 2024, there’s still a fair chance for Republicans to opt for a candidate such as DeSantis, depending on how the presidential election shakes out.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.