2/3 of Americans Favor State Financing For Pregnancy Clinics Dems Want to Close

CRC Research found that a majority of Americans from all political backgrounds favor state financing for pro-life pregnancy facilities.

This is demonstrating how far Democrats’ fervent campaign to suppress pro-life clinics is from being in touch with the common, caring American voter. 

Increasing Support!

A recent online study with 1,600 respondents found 64% of Americans, including 70% of Democrats, favor publicly subsidizing these clinics for moms. 

Overall support increased to 74% after survey takers read comments detailing the assistance pregnancy centers give to women, including prenatal services, shelter, clothing, diapers, and the freedom to undergo the pregnancy.

The percentage of Democrats who hold this view rose to 73%. 

Independents (72%), after examining the remarks on pregnancy centers, and Republicans (78%), after reviewing the comments on maternity home care, also show strong support for public funding in the poll. 

80 percent of respondents to a survey (conducted after pollsters brought attention to the rise in vandalism against pregnancy centers and churches in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson) ruled that perpetrators should be punished to the full extent of the law.

The fact that pro-abortion Democrats, like Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, have advocated for a federal assault on these assistance centers shows how out of touch they are with the American people.

Last month, Warren argued that pregnancy crisis clinics should be shut down nationwide, even in her home state of Massachusetts. 

As part of their vengeance against clinics that assist women in raising their newborns, Democrats on Capitol Hill are now pushing to cooperate with Big Tech corporations.

According to a news release by Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, pro-abortion Democrats have also put pressure on Google to de-list pregnancy clinics from search results.

Senate Democrats addressed a letter to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai in June, in which they referred to pro-life maternity services centers as “fake clinics” and asked that Google suppress search results that included information about them. 

Helping Millions

The Community Engagement Director for Her PLAN released the following information: Over 2,700 pregnancy clinics and maternity homes provide hope and assistance to mothers and their children, as pointed out by Jill Stanek. 

Stanek noted that pregnancy clinics and maternity homes are prepared to continue their critical, life-affirming work. They are helping women make the decision to keep their babies, supporting them as they follow their ambitions, and being there for them long after they’ve given birth. 

Statistics from the Charlotte Lozier Institute show that in 2019, 2,700 pregnancy clinics (14 facilities for every one Planned Parenthood in our nation) served about two million people at a value of nearly $270 million at virtually no cost to those in need.

Pregnancy screening, ultrasounds, diapers, infant clothes, classes, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases and other infections were all part of these offerings. 

There were also 68,832 people who helped out at pregnancy resource centers, with 53,855 of them being volunteers. Over 800,000 lives have been saved by community-based care provided through pregnancy centers, according to an estimate by the Institute.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.